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21st-Jun-2014 11:18 pm - Dragonlance Legends musical!!!
I don't know if anyone's still reading this group, but if you are, you have to see this. It's a Russian musical of Dragonlance Legends. Raistlin and Crysania are perfect. If you know the story, you can follow along even if you don't speak Russian.

4th-May-2013 08:37 pm - Community activity
LJ's been sending out notifications to the owners of inactive communities. I don't want this one to go under, so here's an update. (Even if these books are fading off the shelves of book retailers, they were still a very large part of my childhood. I don't want them or this community to disappear!)

It's also nice to know people are still making beautiful art out there.

Under here!Collapse )
Feathers and sparkles
1st-Apr-2012 05:38 pm - Breaking Dragonlance news
Stephanie Meyer revealed that her inspiration for Edward Cullen was none other than Dragonlance's Raistlin Majere. Discuss.
29th-Oct-2011 12:49 pm - New mods!
Hello everyone! After trying to contact our community admin draconid a few times I contacted LJ-Support and someone there bumped me to community maintainer. It looks like nontacitare has also been promoted (and if this is okay I'll leave it just as it is). :)

I've adjusted the community layout to S2 and added the ability for members to create tags. Posting was moderated but no more! Membership, however, is moderated to prevent Russian spam. I'll likely approve new members within 24 hours of receiving their request to join.

Hopefully this new style is easy to read/navigate. Let me know if you have any issues viewing it!

Now - with all that out of the way, does anyone have any suggestions as to the direction this community should take? Are the rules in the profile sparse? If you have anything you'd like added, please let me know. I'll review it and probably stick it in there.

It pains me to see this community dwindling in activity. DL really doesn't get enough attention these days.
Engel fliegen einsam
24th-Jun-2011 09:01 pm - Been wanting to do this for a while
Well sadly dragonlancekink never really went anywhere. Dunno if its just cuz LJ is kinda dead lately or people are busy or there just arent that many DL fans on LJ but needless to say Im giving up the comm. I'd like to give it to someone, maybe one of you guys can make something of it. If youd like it please let me know, I'll make you a maintainer. Hopefully it can be used for something DL related but if not thats cool.
25th-May-2011 02:05 pm - Dragonlance - Quest for meaning
In preparation for my panel at Marcon, I'm trying to identify a unifying storyline or theme to tie the novels together. This is what I've found:

The core storyline - The intertwined lives of a human family from Solace, the elven royal families, and Conclave wizards, bound together by the trickster figure of Tasselhoff Burrfoot.

Core ideology - "We are not the stuff of which heroes are made." -Tanis Half-Elven. The best of Dragonlance involves characters who are not professional "heroes," but who have to step up to the plate when the need arises.

Recurring theme - The conflicts and interplay between religion, society and magic.

Other ideas?
17th-May-2011 12:24 am - Dragonlance panel at Marcon
After trying for years, I finally got a Dragonlance panel at Marcon! If you're in Columbus over Memorial Day weekend come discuss Dragonlance with me on Sunday at 1:00.

16th-Dec-2010 11:34 pm - medical explanation for kender
They have no amygdalas:


From the outset, SM led the way, often calling, "This way, guys, follow me!" Not only did the "monsters" fail in their attempts to scare her, but she eagerly approached them. She startled one of the masked performers with a poke to the head because she was "curious" what it would feel like.

Doesn't that sound like Tas?
11th-Oct-2010 12:00 am - Dragonlance survey
As you probably know, Hasbro has decided to stop publishing Dragonlance novels. Dragons of Hourglass Mage was the last.

However, they've put out a survey to see if there is still interest in Dragonlance. (I found it on the Nexus.)


In the comments section I wrote that I would love to see Dragonlance continue, set in the current time period (Age of Mortals) and focus on established characters who are still alive.

Maybe there's hope for Dragonlance yet.
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